@kungfupussy: On Finding Rad New Music – Sit Kitty Sit

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How could I not like a band with a cat + command in the name? It’s fairly automatic that I should as I am @kungfupussy, and they are Sit Kitty Sit. They are however much, much, much cooler than me. I can tweet some pretty cool stuff but the two of them create some freaking awesome sounds. What do they sound like? Well I think they sound rad but to be more specific, think Dresden Dolls mixed with Florence + Machine, Tori Amos, & Ben Folds Five: A popproggy-piano/drum-classical rock duo.

I think you should listen because you will like them but this is what they say. You know you want to listen to them. They ARE the experts. 

Sit Kitty Sit’s (SKS) new album “Beautiful / Terrible” has way too much volume for just two classically trained musicians, yet it offers just the perfect amount of sound for this unique piano/drum duo. Additionally, it is the first release from Gun Horse Records in 2012. The new album is the second record from this San Francisco based piano & drum duo. In 2010 Kat Downs (piano/vocals) and Mike Thompson (drums) teamed up to experiment with the combination of classical piano and rock drumming and created their first EP, “The Push” They also developed a great live show. With their new material, the band enhanced their unique live sound and the result is the new album. Regarding recent press, a previous track from their first album, “Purge” was selected for Music Hype’s Track of the Week:

“Stripped to its bare essentials; some classy piano leads render a kooky-ish slice of pop music, complimented by some fantastic vocal melodicism from the Bay Area’s Sit Kitty Sit”

SKS are playing the bay area scene, which, the highlights include; A recent record release party at the Bottom of the Hill in SF. Dates in Austin, TX, March 14th-16th,
alongside SXSW. Also, the band will play the inaugural Bask Festival in Sonoma County on Sat July 21st. In addition, a mini west coast tour is currently being scheduled.

The new album is available exclusively on the newly launched record label Gun Horse Records [http://www.gunhorse.com] and you can get a free download of their track “My Beloved”[here]

I think you should give them a listen. Download. Awesome. Word. Another word. Listen. Do it.

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